Chair of Microwave Engineering

foreign body detection

Spatially Resolved Foreign Body Detection with Microwaves

Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee

This is a work carried out in the field of foreign body detection. This enables high-frequency studies to draw conclusions about the nature of dielectric materials. Also this allows to detect impurities in homogeneous starting materials and final products of such as in the food industry, without contact and in real time. adiated by short pulses of a few hundred picoseconds long, a sample is illuminated and their interaction with the pulses are examined. The applied ultra wide band method here can avoid disadvantages of single-frequency systems, such as signal loss due to interference. A suitable signal processing enables to determine the pure evidence of a foreign body and the location of the inhomogeneity to the fraction of their size, i.e. accuracy of a few mm. The spatial resolution is independent of the dielectric contrast and the geometric shape of the specimen. The technology used can be applied not only to raw material research, but also with many requirements such as non-destructive testing or short-range ground radar.



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