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Aerosense receives EXIST Transfer of Research funding for particle measurement using radar technology

Since September 1, 2020, the team around project manager Leve Freiwald has been working on the product development of a radar sensor for the quantification of micro-particle streams. The project, which is funded with approximately 750,000 €, is based on the research work of Dr. Alexander Teplyuk and Dr. Alwin Reinhardt, who both received their doctoral degrees on this topic at the Chair of Microwave Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Reinhard Knöchel and Prof. Michael Höft.
The team of four, consisting of radar engineer Alexander Teplyuk, electrical engineer Phillip Durdaut, project manager Leve Freiwald and business economist Robin Sielken, will initially adapt the sensor for monitoring particulate emissions within the one-and-a-half year funding period. The basis for this is a cooperation with Dekra, Europe's leading inspection company, with which product development for the target market is closely coordinated.
The sensor system operates in D-band (110 - 170 GHz) and takes advantage of the fact that the emitted electromagnetic waves are reflected material- and size-specific due to the short wavelength. Real-time evaluation of these echo signals offers the potential to open up other fields of application where the characterization of micro-particle streams offers a relevant added value.