Chair of Microwave Engineering

Profile of M.Sc. Sebastian Salzer

Short CV

  • Study of Electrical and Information Engineering at Technical Faculty of University of Kiel (2008-2013)
  • Internships at ESW GmbH, Opel and Dräger
  • Since 2014 research assistant at Microwave Chair



  • Tutorial Master module "Rauschen in Kommunikations- und Messsystemen"
  • Practical Tutorial Master "Mikrowellentechnik und EMV"
  • Practical Tutorial Bachelor "Hochfrequenztechnik"
  • Organisation of microwave field trips


Research interests

  • Magnetic field measurements
  • Noise characterization, noise suppression, modulation techniques for magnetoelectric sensors


Current Bachelor-/Mastertheses

    Currently no theses are offered.



    1.   S. Salzer, R. Jahns, A. Piorra, I. Teliban, J. Reermann, M. Höft, E. Quandt, R. Knöchel: Tuning Fork for Noise Suppression in Magnetoelectric Sensors, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, available Online, December 2015

    2.    J. Reermann, G. Schmidt, I. Teliban, S. Salzer, M. Höft, R. Knöchel, A. Piorra, E. Quandt: Adaptive Acoustic Noise Cancellation for Magnetoelectric Sensors, Sensors Journal, IEEE, Volume 15, Number 10, pp. 5804-5812, October 2015

    3.    S. Salzer, M. Höft, R. Knöchel, P. Hayes, E. Yarar, A. Piorra, E. Quandt: Comparison of Frequency Conversion Techniques for Magnetoeletric Sensors, Procedia Engineering, Volume 120, pp. 940-943, September 2015

    4.    P. Hayes, S. Salzer, J. Reermann, E. Yarar, V. Röbisch, A. Piorra, D. Meyners, M. Höft, R. Knöchel, G. Schmidt and E. Quandt: Electrically modulated magnetoelectric sensors, Applied Physics Letters, 108, 182902, Mai 2016

    5. E. Yarar, S. Salzer, V. Hrkac, A. Piorra, M. Höft, R. Knöchel, L. Kienle and E. Quandt: Inverse bilayer magnetoelectric thin film sensor, Applied Physics Letters 109, 022901, Juli 2016