Chair of Microwave Engineering

MW components

Low-pass filter


3 Tiefpässe
Three low-pass filters for 1.7, 3.2 and 8.0 GHz
In microstrip technology on Teflon substrate.
Transmissonsdämpfung: s21 <0.2-0.4 dB
Attenuation: s21> 50 dB up to 3 - or 5 times the cutoff frequency.
Developed with HP-MDS.


Bandpass Filter





Bandpass 7.5 to 2.6 GHz
Coupled microstrip lines on Teflon substrate.
Developed with HP-MDS




Ratrace Mischer



Mixer from 8 - 10.4 GHz
LO Power: 6 dBm
Conversion loss: 5 dB
Noise figure: 5 dB
HP-MDS simulation and beam-lead diodes built.


Single Side Bandput


ESV in Streifenleitungstechnik


Einseitenbandversetzer in strip line technology
Range: 2 to 3 GHz
In microstrip technology on RO4003 substrate
ESV integriert

Single side band put - ESV integrated
Range: 0.05 to 5 GHz


Bias Tee


Bias Tee



Bias Tee 
For trouble-free and wide-band power of the RF line.
Range: 2.5 - 26.5 GHz
Transmission loss: s21 <0.2 - 1 dB
Input reflection: s11 <15 dB







Varying Amplifier 
With SMT components, adaptation and power supply.
For different frequency ranges from 0 to 10 GHz
Varying Reinforcements: s21 40-20 dB
Developed with HP-ADS


Resonators for Humidity Measurement





Resonators with small external stray fields, which emit only very small.
This cavity and line resonators have been developed for measuring the moisture.


Field Simulations





Field simulation of resonator
Field simulation of resonator The resonators for humidity measurement were optimized using HP-HFSS. Through the simulation was the penetration depth in materials with different dielectric properties are determined.







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