Chair of Microwave Engineering

composition monitor

Composition Monitor


Composition of foods to help determine the dielectric spectra, in particular, added water



During the processing of food, water is added:

  • By cleaning
  • To maintain the nutritive
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Qualiy preservation
  • Downside: Dilution of the food

As from 2001 in the EU mandatory labeling of added water in food.


Open Coaxial Line as a Probe


Offene Koaxialleitung als Sonde


  • The probe consists of an open coaxial line, with the reflection coefficient is measured
  • The reflection factor is measured with a network ranging from 200 MHz to 12 GHz
  • So easy, the probe is also a good contact with the test object is very important for testing
  • Even a small air bubble can make a measurement useless


From the Reflection Coefficient on the Composition


Vom Reflexionsfaktor zur Zusammensetzung

Source of the Network

Signalquelle des Netzwerkanalysators

Receiving part of the Network


Empfangsteil des Netzwerkanalysators

Dr.-Ing. Frank Daschner
Phone: 0431 / 880-6169

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