Chair of Microwave Engineering

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Toxværd


Kaiserstraße 2, R.D-009
Phone: +49 0431 880-6167
Telefax: +49 0431 880-6152

Profile of Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Toxværd, geb. Salzer

Short CV

  • Study of Electrical and Information Engineering at Technical Faculty of University of Kiel (2008-2013)
  • Internships at ESW GmbH, Opel and Dräger
  • 06/2018 Received doctoral degree Dr.-Ing.
  • Since 2014 research assistant at Microwave Chair



  • Tutorial Master module "Rauschen in Kommunikations- und Messsystemen"
  • Practical Tutorial Master "Mikrowellentechnik und EMV"
  • Practical Tutorial Bachelor "Hochfrequenztechnik"


Research interests

  • Magnetic field measurements
  • Noise characterization, noise suppression, modulation techniques for magnetoelectric sensors



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