Chair of Microwave Engineering

Welcome to the Chair of Microwave Engineering!







The main topics of the Chair of Microwave Engineering of the CAU are “microwave electronics” and “microwave sensory technology”. A furher field of research is the molecule spectroscopy.

The focus regarding „microwave electronics“ lies on the developement of moduls and submoduls for communication systems. Modern transmitter- and receiver concepts are presently the main field of investigation. Because modern digital communication systems use both amplitude- and phase-modulated signals, for example UMTS-systems, there is special need for highly linear power amplifiers, which preferably have to provide a high efficiency at the same time. These requirements lead to discrepancies that are matter of the recent research.

The greatest experience of the microwave laboratories are on the field of  „microwave sensory technology“. Microwave sensors for various materials and their physical parameters have been developed and also RADAR based applications for the levelling systems in containers and tanks. Recent projects deal with sensors for the determination of composition and/or the quality of food-stuff, with precise realtime-measurement of moisture and density of materials and for the characterisation of dielectric layers. Most of these applications are based on ultra-wideband technology, which has got into focus of researches worldwide. This technology will be the basis for many wireless network technologies for data rates in the Gbit range. At the chair, this technology is mainly used for sensory applications.

The third work area of the chair is molecule spectroscopy in range of micro- and submillimeterwave range. This group is supervised by Prof. Dr. A. Guarnieri and both sets up spectrometers and perform spectroscopic investigations of molecules.